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Beckmead Trust is a family of schools, delivering world-class education for children with special educational needs across the country.

Our Mission

Beckmead Trust is a behaviour-based Multi-Academy Trust of special schools that offer exceptional education and support for traumatised children and young people with SEMH, autism and challenging behaviour.

The mission of our schools is founded on non-negotiable shared values based on foundation stone beliefs in the need for people to flourish. That is: we are stronger through a sense of community, social justice is vital, and the ability to give and receive love is essential.

All too often, the children and young people who can be the most vulnerable at school age and through their lives also have to contend with poor teaching, an inadequate curriculum, unprofessional staff and shoddy accommodation. Beckmead Trust is different. We encourage, support, challenge and innovate provision for children and young people identified as having challenging behaviours and children with special educational needs, ensuring that every child receives the excellent standard of education that they deserve.

Our Work

At Beckmead Trust, we are frequently asked for support and guidance by Special Schools nationwide. We currently work with 300 children with special educational needs between the ages of five and nineteen, providing a unique mix of expertise and experience leading to success for vulnerable children, young people, and their families.

Our staff are committed, empathetic and highly skilled, providing all the love and care these children and young people need and deserve, with an education tailored specifically for them, so that they can go on to lead successful and confident lives.

Beckmead Trust delivers education based on an ethos that every child has the right to flourish, which is shared with all our communities including parents, carers and agencies that work with the children and young people placed at our schools. The values that drive our work are accompanied by excellent pedagogy, vibrant curriculum models, responsible governance and accountability.

Because of all this, The Beckmead Family of Schools was judged to be “Outstanding” by Ofsted at its last inspection, with a rating of “Full Assurance” in its last audit (2017).

In view of this, The Beckmead Trust has been awarded sponsorship of two Free Schools in Essex and East Sussex. These will open in new accomodation in 2021 providing a further 150 place, 15 of which will be residential places. 

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